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Registration Information:

For all initial registrations within the Corporation, in any division, the first time participant shall provide proof of age, in person to the Administrator.

Proof of identity deemed acceptable are as follow: Birth Certificate, Passport, Status card and Nexus card.

The preferred method of payment shall be credit card, money order or certified cheque.

All registrations can be paid in full or by making two installments. When selecting the two installment option, a minimum payment of 50% shall be imposed on the first installment.  All first installments must be received by the registration deadline.  Failing this the participant`s registration will be considered incomplete.

"Registration deadline" means that the registration period ends on the 31st of May of the registration year.

Any registration received after the registration deadline, shall be imposed a late fee for the sum of $50 for administrative purposes.

"Payment deadline" means all final installments shall be settled no later than 30th of June of the registration year.

Any payment received after the payment deadline, shall be imposed an additional late fee in the total sum of $100 for administrative purposes.

Any member requesting financial assistance with the registration payment shall contact the Administrator in writing of their request, prior to the registration deadline.


Timbits $425.00
Timbits Four Hockey $425.00
Tyke $550.00
Tyke A $550.00
Novice Minor $575.00
Novice Minor A $575.00
Novice Major $575.00
Novice Major A $575.00
Novice Major Select $1,125.00
Atom Minor $600.00
Atom Minor A $600.00
Atom Minor Select $1,150.00
Atom Major $600.00
Atom Major A $600.00
Atom Major Select $1,275.00
Pee Wee Minor $725.00
Pee Wee Minor A $725.00
Pee Wee Minor Select $1,275.00
Pee Wee Major $725.00
Pee Wee Major A $725.00
Pee Wee Major Select $1,275.00


All first year participants in a division, shall be registered in the "Minor A or Minor" in their respective divisions.

First year participants shall be invited to try-out in the "Major A" division.

Acceptance Policy:

It is important to note that all participants will be placed on a waiting list until all conditions of acceptance are met.

The conditions are as follows:

I.   The member is in Good Standing

II.   Availability

III.  Registration payment is paid in full

“Availability” means the availability of a hockey program for the requisite age or gender of the proposed participant.

“Good Standing” means that the participant is not subject to any suspension(s), has paid all outstanding fees and dues, and has obtained the necessary release or releases from other jurisdictions that they may have been subject to.

Once all conditions have been met, the participant will receive our official acceptance into the Soo Pee Wee Hockey League by email.  If you have not received your acceptance by email after the Payment Deadline, please contact the SPWHL Administrator Office at [email protected] or by telephone 705-253-3581.

Family Registration:

If you are registering 2 or more participants, you must fill out an individual registration for each participant. Payment for the family plan shall be made directly to the Administrator by money order or certified cheque only. You must provide the name/s and division of the 2nd/3rd player in the Family Plan Registration box provided on the registration form. Where one family has 3 or more participating members, the registration cost shall be $1450.  Family registration does not apply with families that have a participant in the “Select Program”.

Payment Options and Online Payment Security:


A.  Online Credit Card Payment (Visa or MasterCard only):


Using online credit card payment is absolutely safe. Global Payment Merchant Services secures your personal information from any unauthorized use. We secure your personal information such as names and phone numbers by protecting it through the use of the industry standard 128-bit Encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. At no time does Global Payment Merchant Services store your credit card number.


Note:  If choosing the credit card method, the following will be displayed on your credit card statement:

Soo Pee Wee Hockey League


B.   Money Order or Certified Cheque


The registration fees for the upcoming season can be paid by Money Order or Certified Cheque. Complete the online registration and print a copy of the invoice produced by the online system.
Please forward the invoice with your payment to:

Soo Pee Wee Hockey League
285 Northern Avenue East,
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
P6B 4H9

It is our Policy and our Constitution provides that:

The Administrator shall not accept cash or personal cheques from the membership, and any member paying the registration fees by money order or certified cheque, shall provide payment to the Corporation prior to the end of the registration deadline.

C.      Alternate Payment Method:

The participant must register online and select “Money Order” as the payment option. This will hold a spot until the review process has been completed.


Please forward an e-mail to [email protected] to advise the Administrator that the alternate payment method as been selected.

Any member requesting assistance through the Jump Start Program or any other financial assistance program, shall do so forthwith, immediately after completing the online registration.

After contacting the sponsor, please provide a confirmation letter and a deposit of $100 to continue the registration process.


Additional Fees:


All SPWHL teams may charge additional fees for practices, tournaments and exhibition games. The team managers will advise of team fees for the hockey season.


All participants members shall pay team fees in full to the team fund. Failure to pay the team fees in full will result with the immediate suspension of the participant until such fees are paid in full.  The Select Program team fees may alter from the schedule below.


Until further notice, the limit of the team fees that may be charged are set out as follows;



Team Fees


Timbits Four Hockey








Novice Select




Atom Select


Pee Wee


Pee Wee Select




Refund Policy:


Upon request, reimbursement for registration (less $50 administration fee) shall be honored by the Corporation, up to and including the 1st of September.

Upon request, reimbursement for registration (50% of fees paid) shall be honored by the Corporation, after the 1st of September, prior to the participant`s first draft game.

Refunds shall not be honored by the Corporation after the participant is drafted and/or after the 30th of September or when the participant resigns.

Administration, Teams and Fundraising fees will not be refunded.

All request for refunds shall be in writing to the Administrator.




Refer to the website  for tryout teams and schedules.
Any participant, whose fees from a previous year are still outstanding, shall not be allowed to register until the said fees are paid in full.

Any participant, registered with the Corporation, is not guaranteed the preferred position, as listed in the registration form. The goalies are the only guaranteed position in “A” of the Atom and Pee Wee Divisions.

When a goalie is drafted in the Atom and Pee Wee division, the participant shall play as a goalie for the complete hockey season.

Anyone interested in coaching, the application deadline is the 30th April, of the current year. The Application to Coach Forms can be located online at  under Member Resources/Coaches. Coaches for the upcoming season will be selected by the end of June.

Anyone interested in being a Division Coordinator for the upcoming hockey season, must forward their name by emailing the Administrator at [email protected] or attending the AGM.

Any person proven guilty of falsifying a birth certificate, or the evidence in lieu thereof, or of having had knowledge that same had been falsified, or of playing on other than his/her own birth certificate, HCR record or forging and playing under an assumed name, shall be automatically suspended from playing hockey with any team in the Corporation or its affiliates for a period of not less than one (1) and not more than three (3) years from the date of his/her suspension. This penalty shall be final and there shall be no appeal.

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