Schedule & Results, Soo PeeWee Extravaganza, 2018-2019 (Soo Pee Wee Hockey)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
Thursday, February 14, 2019
Division 25:00 PMSPW Floreani O'Toole Dool 2-4Team Essentials
Division 1 (XOVER)5:00 PMRan Prouse Motors 1-0Rotary Knights
Division 1 (XOVER)5:00 PMJR1 Lions Club Pride6-3Cavaliere Welding
Division 25:00 PMMcM AtoMc Tan 0-3AtoMc Red
Division 1 (XOVER)5:30 PMJR2 Green Apple 3-9Soo Police
NO-MA-A6:00 PMSPW Sims 2-5Property Masters
Division 1 (XOVER)6:00 PMRan RepAire 5-4Fountain Tire
Division 16:00 PMJR1 McDougall 5-4Service Master Stars
Division 26:00 PMMcM AtoMc Blue Lightning3-6North Channel Lightning
NO-MA-A6:30 PMJR2 Legion 3-5S & T
Division 17:00 PMSPW AtoMc Green 0-2AtoMc Black
Division 1 (XOVER)7:00 PMRan Wham Warriors2-3Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Division 1 (XOVER)7:00 PMJR1 Meyers Munchies 0-3Direct Mechanical
Division 17:30 PMJR2 Soo Female Bulldogs1-6AtoMc White
Division 28:00 PMSPW Soo Thunder Grey 2-2Soo Thunder Black
Division 18:00 PMRan Soo Thunder White 2-1Soo Thunder Blue
PW-MA 9:00 PMSPW Highland Ford Raptors2-7Sims
Friday, February 15, 2019
Division 28:00 AMSPW Soo Thunder Red Bears0-5Soo Thunder Black
Division 28:00 AMRan North Channel Lightning4-1AtoMc Red
Division 19:00 AMSPW AtoMc Black 2-4AtoMc White
Division 19:00 AMRan Soo Female Bulldogs1-4AtoMc Green
Division 1 (XOVER)9:00 AMJR1 Sudbury Wolves3-7Centre Ice
Division 2 (XOVER)9:30 AMJR2 Red Star Raiders4-1Blind River Thunder
Division 1 (XOVER)10:00 AMSPW Wham Warriors4-0Direct Mechanical
Division 2 (XOVER)10:00 AMRan Cavaliere Welding 3-4RepAire
PW-MA 10:00 AMJR1 Sims 3-2Northern Chiropractic Cobras
Division 210:00 AMMcM Team Essentials 1-1North Channel Lightning
PW-MA 10:30 AMJR2 Copper Cliff Braves6-1Rayside Icecats
Division 111:00 AMSPW Sudbury Wolves0-4Community First
Division 111:00 AMRan Blind River Thunder7-1McDougall
Division 111:00 AMJR1 Soo Thunder Blue 4-4Blind River Thunder
Division 211:00 AMMcM Manitoulin Panthers5-2West Nippising Sting
PW-MA-A11:30 AMJR2 Wawa Travellers1-3Soo Jr Greyhounds
Division 1 (XOVER)12:00 PMSPW DK Designs 1-6Rotary Knights
Division 212:00 PMRan Rayside Atom Icecats2-1AtoMc Tan Storm
Division 212:00 PMJR1 AtoMc Red Hawks4-9Walden Home Hardware
Division 212:00 PMMcM Soo Sports Vipers2-2Nickel City Knights
NO-MA-A12:30 PMJR2 Legion 1-7Nickel City Coyotes
Division 1 (XOVER)1:00 PMSPW Prouse Motors 6-2Soo Police
Division 21:00 PMRan AtoMc White Ice Breakers0-5RBC Diggers
NO-MA-A1:00 PMJR1 Manitoulin Panthers4-2Sims
Division 11:00 PMMcM Hearst HLK5-0Chapleau Huskies
Division 11:30 PMJR2 Dominion Construction Bulldogs4-3AtoMc Black Ravens
Division 1 (XOVER)2:00 PMSPW Copper Cliff Redmen1-6Fountain Tire
NO-MA-A2:00 PMRan West Nippising Novice A7-1Property Masters
PW-MA-A2:00 PMJR1 Hearst Lumber Kings5-0Cochrane Richelieu Cubs
Division 12:00 PMMcM Soo Thunder White 1-6Walden Carman Construction
Division 12:30 PMJR2 Onaping Falls Huskies3-4AtoMc Green Knights
Division 1 (XOVER)3:00 PMSPW Lions Club Pride0-2Wawa Travellers
Division 13:00 PMRan Service Master Stars6-0Walden Major Drilling
PW-MA-A3:00 PMJR1 Copper Cliff Redmen1-4McDougall
Division 23:00 PMMcM Hornpayne Bears6-0Soo Thunder Grey
Division 23:30 PMJR2 Manitowaning Wolves1-3AtoMc Blue Lightning
Division 24:00 PMSPW Walden Nortrax8-7Floreani O'Toole Dool
PW-MA 4:00 PMRan Copper Cliff Braves0-3Highland Ford Raptors
Division 2 (XOVER)4:00 PMJR1 Centre Ice 3-2West Nippising Sting
PW-MA-A4:00 PMMcM Chapleau Huskies0-6Floreani O'Toole Dool
Division 14:30 PMJR2 AtoMc White 0-3Sudbury Kings
Division 1 (XOVER)5:00 PMSPW Nickel City Knights5-2Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1 (XOVER)5:00 PMRan Meyers Munchies 2-2Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Division 1 (XOVER)5:00 PMJR1 Green Apple 0-6Blind River Thunder
Division 25:30 PMJR2 North Channel Lightning7-1AtoMc Tan
Division 16:00 PMSPW Soo Jr. Greyhounds4-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 16:00 PMRan Copper Cliff Golden Knights2-7Blind River Thunder
Division 26:00 PMJR1 Nickel City Knights3-1Manitoulin Panthers
NO-MA-A6:30 PMJR2 S & T 1-7Nickel City Coyotes
Division 27:00 PMSPW Rayside Atom Icecats1-3AtoMc White Ice Breakers
Division 1 (XOVER)7:00 PMRan Sudbury Wolves2-7Manitoulin Panthers
Division 17:30 PMJR2 Community First 5-3Hearst HLK
PW-MA 8:00 PMSPW Rayside Icecats3-9Sims
Division 18:00 PMRan Blind River Thunder1-7Walden Carman Construction
PW-MA-A8:30 PMJR2 Copper Cliff Redmen1-5Wawa Travellers
PW-MA-A9:00 PMSPW Marathon Mercs3-0Soo Jr Greyhounds
PW-MA 9:00 PMRan Highland Ford Raptors2-2Northern Chiropractic Cobras
PW-MA-A9:30 PMJR2 Hearst Lumber Kings4-4McDougall
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Division 27:00 AMSPW West Nippising Sting0-6Soo Sports Vipers
Division 18:00 AMSPW Walden Major Drilling3-1McDougall
Division 18:00 AMRan Dominion Construction Bulldogs5-3AtoMc Green Knights
Division 2 (XOVER)8:00 AMJR1 Soo Police 6-6DK Designs
Division 1 (XOVER)8:00 AMMcM Nickel City Knights2-8Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Division 2 (XOVER)8:30 AMJR2 Fountain Tire 1-3Lions Club Pride
NO-MA-A9:00 AMSPW West Nippising Novice A7-1Sims
Division 29:00 AMRan AtoMc Tan Storm2-2Walden Home Hardware
Division 2 (XOVER)9:00 AMJR1 Rotary Knights6-2Green Apple
Division 1 (XOVER)9:00 AMMcM Wham Warriors3-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 29:30 AMJR2 North Channel Lightning1-7Walden Nortrax
Division 110:00 AMSPW AtoMc Black 2-0Soo Female Bulldogs
NO-MA-A10:00 AMRan Manitoulin Panthers2-1Property Masters
PW-MA-A10:00 AMJR1 Wawa Travellers2-4Marathon Mercs
Division 110:00 AMMcM Blind River Thunder6-0Onaping Falls Huskies
Division 210:30 AMJR2 AtoMc Red 0-3Manitowaning Wolves
Division 111:00 AMSPW Sudbury Kings2-1AtoMc Green
Division 2 (XOVER)11:00 AMRan Wawa Travellers5-3Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 111:00 AMJR1 Service Master Stars0-5Blind River Thunder
Division 1 (XOVER)11:00 AMMcM Prouse Motors 1-6Blind River Thunder
Division 211:30 AMJR2 AtoMc Tan 3-6AtoMc Blue Lightning
Division 112:00 PMSPW Chapleau Huskies2-7Community First
Division 112:00 PMRan Hearst HLK2-5Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Division 112:00 PMJR1 Blind River Thunder4-2Soo Thunder White
Division 212:00 PMMcM Soo Thunder Red Bears3-4Soo Thunder Grey
Division 212:30 PMJR2 Soo Thunder Black 1-4Hornpayne Bears
Division 1 (XOVER)1:00 PMSPW Sudbury Wolves2-3Red Star Raiders
Division 2 (XOVER)1:00 PMRan Centre Ice 1-0Blind River Thunder
PW-MA 1:00 PMJR1 Rayside Icecats0-6Northern Chiropractic Cobras
Division 11:00 PMMcM AtoMc Black Ravens6-0Copper Cliff Golden Knights
PW-MA 1:30 PMJR2 Copper Cliff Braves0-0Sims
PW-MA-A2:00 PMSPW Chapleau Huskies2-0Soo Jr Greyhounds
Division 2 (XOVER)2:00 PMRan Manitoulin Panthers3-0West Nippising Sting
PW-MA-A2:00 PMJR1 McDougall 7-2Cochrane Richelieu Cubs
Division 22:30 PMJR2 RBC Diggers6-2AtoMc Red Hawks
Division 1 (XOVER)3:00 PMSPW Nickel City Knights1-1Direct Mechanical
Division 13:00 PMRan Walden Carman Construction8-2Soo Thunder Blue
PW-MA-A3:00 PMJR1 Floreani O'Toole Dool 3-3Wawa Travellers
Division 13:30 PMJR2 Dominion Construction Bulldogs0-2Blind River Thunder
NO-MA-A4:00 PMSPW West Nippising Novice A7-1Legion
Division 14:00 PMRan Blind River Thunder6-0Walden Major Drilling
Division 24:00 PMJR1 Manitowaning Wolves0-1AtoMc Tan
Division 24:00 PMMcM West Nippising Sting0-5Nickel City Knights
Division 24:30 PMJR2 North Channel Lightning3-8Floreani O'Toole Dool
Division 2 (XOVER)5:00 PMSPW Cavaliere Welding 7-3Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1 (XOVER)5:00 PMRan RepAire 7-7Wawa Travellers
Division 2 (XOVER)5:00 PMJR1 Blind River Thunder7-1DK Designs
Division 25:00 PMMcM Manitoulin Panthers1-7Soo Sports Vipers
Division 25:30 PMJR2 Team Essentials 5-3Walden Nortrax
NO-MA-A6:00 PMSPW Manitoulin Panthers2-2S & T
Division 16:00 PMRan AtoMc Black 0-6Sudbury Kings
NO-MA-A6:00 PMJR1 Sims 2-8Nickel City Coyotes
Division 1 (XOVER)6:00 PMMcM Meyers Munchies 7-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 16:30 PMJR2 Copper Cliff Golden Knights3-2AtoMc Green Knights
Division 17:00 PMSPW Onaping Falls Huskies3-0AtoMc Black Ravens
Division 27:00 PMRan AtoMc White Ice Breakers2-5Walden Home Hardware
Division 17:00 PMJR1 Hearst HLK1-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 17:00 PMMcM Chapleau Huskies1-4Soo Jr. Greyhounds
Division 27:30 PMJR2 RBC Diggers1-2AtoMc Tan Storm
PW-MA 8:00 PMSPW Northern Chiropractic Cobras3-0Copper Cliff Braves
Division 28:00 PMRan Hornpayne Bears7-2Soo Thunder Red Bears
Division 28:00 PMJR1 Rayside Atom Icecats2-4AtoMc Red Hawks
Division 2 (XOVER)8:00 PMMcM Manitoulin Panthers1-1Blind River Thunder
Division 2 (XOVER)8:30 PMJR2 Red Star Raiders1-5West Nippising Sting
PW-MA 9:00 PMSPW Highland Ford Raptors6-1Rayside Icecats
PW-MA-A9:00 PMRan Hearst Lumber Kings1-0Floreani O'Toole Dool
PW-MA-A9:00 PMJR1 Marathon Mercs4-2Cochrane Richelieu Cubs
PW-MA-A9:30 PMJR2 Copper Cliff Redmen1-2Chapleau Huskies
Sunday, February 17, 2019
NO-MI7:00 AMSPW DK Designs 2-8Prouse Motors
NO-MA-A8:00 AMSPW Manitoulin Panthers2-8Nickel City Coyotes
NO-MI8:00 AMRan Rotary Knights3-9Blind River Thunder
NO-MI-A8:00 AMJR1 Fountain Tire 2-3Wawa Travellers
PW-MA 8:00 AMMcM Copper Cliff Braves1-2Sims
NO-MI-A8:30 AMJR2 Lions Club Pride7-3RepAire
AT-MA9:00 AMSPW RBC Diggers3-4Blind River Thunder
NO-MA9:00 AMRan Blind River Thunder7-1Walden Nortrax
NO-MA-A9:00 AMJR1 S & T 3-9West Nippising Novice A
AT-MA9:00 AMMcM Dominion Construction Bulldogs5-3Walden Home Hardware
NO-MA9:30 AMJR2 Team Essentials 1-3Service Master Stars
AT-MI-A10:00 AMSPW Direct Mechanical 0-3Soo Jr. Greyhounds
AT-MI10:00 AMRan AtoMc White 0-2Sudbury Kings
AT-MI10:00 AMJR1 AtoMc Blue Lightning4-7North Channel Lightning
AT-MI-A10:00 AMMcM Meyers Munchies 3-2Wham Warriors
AT-MA-A10:30 AMJR2 Nickel City Knights0-2Soo Jr. Greyhounds
PW-MI11:00 AMSPW Soo Thunder Black 0-3Walden Carman Construction
AT-MA-A11:00 AMRan Community First 5-0Soo Sports Vipers
PW-MI11:00 AMJR1 Blind River Thunder0-3Hornpayne Bears
PW-MI-A11:00 AMMcM Manitoulin Panthers3-2Centre Ice
PW-MA 11:30 AMJR2 Highland Ford Raptors1-4Northern Chiropractic Cobras
NO-MI12:00 PMSPW Prouse Motors 1-6Blind River Thunder
PW-MA-A12:00 PMRan Chapleau Huskies0-3Marathon Mercs
PW-MI-A12:00 PMJR1 Blind River Thunder0-1West Nippising Sting
PW-MA-A12:30 PMJR2 McDougall 0-2Hearst Lumber Kings
NO-MI-A1:00 PMRan Lions Club Pride2-3Wawa Travellers
NO-MA-A1:30 PMJR2 Nickel City Coyotes5-2West Nippising Novice A
AT-MA2:00 PMSPW Dominion Construction Bulldogs1-4Blind River Thunder
NO-MA2:00 PMRan Service Master Stars1-7Blind River Thunder
AT-MI3:00 PMSPW North Channel Lightning5-1Sudbury Kings
AT-MI-A3:00 PMRan Meyers Munchies 1-2Soo Jr. Greyhounds
PW-MI4:00 PMSPW Walden Carman Construction2-5Hornpayne Bears
AT-MA-A4:00 PMRan Community First 4-3Soo Jr. Greyhounds
PW-MI-A5:00 PMSPW West Nippising Sting0-4Manitoulin Panthers
PW-MA 5:00 PMRan Northern Chiropractic Cobras2-3Sims
PW-MA-A6:00 PMSPW Hearst Lumber Kings5-2Marathon Mercs
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