Registration (Soo Pee Wee Hockey)

Welcome to the Soo Pee Wee Hockey League!  Registration for the 2024 / 2025 season is NOW OPEN!


Registration is an online process.  The Soo Pee Wee Hockey League registration is administered through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) and powered by Spordle. 


If this is your first time using the new Hockey Canada Registry you will need to create a new Spordle account prior to registration.  All family members and connected participant profiles (including yourself, if applicable) should be linked to your account.

**If you have difficulty finding your current HCR profile or logging in, please do not create a new profile.  Use the "forgot my password" link or email us at [email protected] for assistance.**

If you are new to the SPWHL but have played with another league previously, contact us to have your profile transferred to our association.

RESPECT IN SPORT FOR PARENTS Parents of new players; "Respect in Sport for Parents" proof must be attached to every players profile.  Please use the link provided here to take this course if you haven't already done so.

REGISTER NOW!  (click here to begin the registration process)


Division Registration (until July 31st) Late Registration (Aug 1st-Aug 15th) "A" Tryout Fee "A" Bump-up Fee
U5 (2020) $ 395.00 $ 455.00 - -
U6 (2019) $ 575.00 $ 635.00 - -
U7 (2018) $ 575.00 $ 635.00 - -
U8 (2017) $ 605.00 $ 665.00 - -
U9 (2016) $ 635.00 $ 695.00 - -
U10 (2015) $ 635.00 $ 695.00 $ 50.00 $ 250.00
U11 (2014) $ 635.00 $ 695.00 $ 50.00 $ 250.00
U13 (2012,2013) $ 845.00 $ 905.00 $ 50.00 $ 150.00

** Players are registered in the division matching their age (birth year) regardless of experience
** Registration increases to U13 are due to the implementation of 1.5 hr. games from 1 hr. games last season**


A $50 discount will be applied to each child for families that register 3 or more children.



·      Payment can be made at the time of online registration by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard or MasterCard Debit

·      Payments can also be made via e-transfer or cash (must be arranged with the administrator for cash)

**The first payment of 50% of the total fee must be made within 48 hrs. of registration to validate your registration**

Please send your etransfer to  [email protected]   (direct deposit)
Please ensure that the name of your player is included in the memo line so we apply it to the proper account.


Payment Installments

When paying online you can choose to pay the full amount on date of registration or pay in installments of:     

·    1st Payment - 50% of total fee and due at time of registration

The second and third installments equally divide the outstanding balance.

·   2nd Installment – August 15th, 2024

·   3rd Installment – September 1st, 2024




 “A” Tryout FEES

Players wishing to participate in the try-outs for the U10A, U11A and U13A teams select the “A” tryout option during registration and will be charged the try-out fee of $50 to cover costs.

Players in the U7, U8 and U9 age groups are "tiered" do not require a tryout fee.

“A” Bump Up FEES (after selection to an "A" team)

Players selected for the U10A ($250), U11A($250)  and U13A ($150) teams will be subject to the “A” Bump-Up Fee to additional costs associated with “A” level play.  

*The payment deadline for All Bump Up fees will be Oct. 15th, 2024.*

This covers and additional 20 practices (10 full ice & 10 half ice) practices  for U10A and U11A as well as an extra10 full ice practices for U13A.


All SPWHL teams may charge additional fees for practices, tournaments and exhibition games. The team managers will advise of team fees for the hockey season.


All participant members shall pay team fees in full to the team fund by November 30th.  Failure to pay the team fees in full will result with the immediate suspension of the participant until such fees are paid in full.

*The fees listed below are the maximum teams are allowed to collect*


Team Fees


U5 (2020)


U6 (2019)


U7 (2018)


U8 (2017) & U9 (2016)


U10 (2015) & U11 (2014)


U13 (2012 & 2013)



Tryout / Jersey FEE

Players in the U7 and older divisions, using league provided jerseys during pre-season skates and tryouts will be invoiced $25 through their HCR profile for any un-returned or missing jerseys.  The fee must be paid before players can resume league play.

Players are deemed fully registered and eligible to take part in the 2024/25 season once:

  • Respect in Sport for Parents course is complete and attached to your players profile in the HCR
  • All previous years registration fees have been paid in full
  • Online registration is complete and registration fees are paid in full
  • The Administrator at the SPWHL office has received all required paperwork and documentation

Once the above criteria have been met, your child will be placed on the appropriate tryout and/or evaluation lists.


If you plan to apply for a subsidy program (Jumpstart, Kidsport, Dream Catcher, First Assist etc.) you must still login and register using the SPWHL online registration system.  Please contact our league administrator at [email protected] for help.  Additional information about particular subsidy programs can be found by clicking the Subsidy tab on the homepage.  

*If your child is trying out for A you will be required to pay the tryout fee of $50 which is non-refundable.*  



* Upon written request, reimbursement for registration (less $50 administration fee) shall be granted up to and including the 3rd of September.  

Upon written request, reimbursement for registration (50% of fees paid) shall be granted, after the 3rd of September, prior to the participant's placement on a team.  (ex. participation in draft games is acceptable but this refund applies prior to the division coaches final meeting and player selection)

*Refunds shall not be granted by the Corporation after the participant is drafted.   Administration, Team and Fundraising fees will not be refunded.

REGISTER NOW!  (click here to begin the registration process)