Registration (Soo Pee Wee Hockey)


The Soo Pee Wee Hockey League is a member of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association and registration in this association is accepted for Representative and House League.

Please note that the information below is subject to change due to safety precautions put forth by our governing bodies and/or the government.   


Players must reside in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.  Players who live outside the SPWHL boundaries (or who have recently moved into the area) wishing to try out for A must obtain a permission to skate from their home organization prior to tryouts/evaluations.  The permission to skate form can be found at: Permission to Skate.  This form must be dropped off to the SPWHL office by August 1st, 2021.    Players will NOT be allowed to try out for any team without having this form filled out and dropped off.   NO exceptions will be made.  This form must be filled out again at each level the player is trying out, therefore if they do not make AA and wish to try for A, they will need another form etc.  


To view the entire program click here: Program Overview .

Division Registration (July 6th - July 31st) Late Registration (Aug 1st-Aug 21st) "A" Tryout Fee "A" Bump-up Fee
U5 (2017) $ 360.00 $ 410.00 - -
U6 (2016) $ 410.00 $ 460.00 - -
U7 (2015) $ 535.00 $ 585.00 - -
U8 (2014) $ 560.00 $ 610.00 - -
U9 (2013) $ 560.00 $ 610.00 - -
U10 (2012) $ 560.00 $ 610.00 $ 35.00 $ 200.00
U11 (2011) $ 560.00 $ 610.00 $ 35.00 $ 200.00
U13 (2009,2010) $ 670.00 $ 720.00 $ 35.00 $ 100.00


A $50 discount will be applied to each child for families that register 3 or more children.


All players are considered INELIGIBLE until ALL the following criteria are met:

  • Online registration has been completed including payment of registration fees.
  • The Administrator at the SPWHL office has received all required paperwork and documentation.
  • All previous years registration fees have been paid in full

Once the above criteria have been met, your child will be placed on the appropriate tryout and/or evaluation lists.


·      Payment can be made by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard or MasterCard Debit



When paying online you can choose to pay the full amount or pay in installments.   The second and third installments equally divide the outstanding balance.

The dates for each installment payment are:

·    Initial Registration (point of sale)- 1/2 of registration

·    August 18th,  2021  (1/2 the balance remaining)

·    September 15th, 2021  (1/2 the balance remaining)

NOTE: Anyone who is not presently in good standing with the SPWHL will be required to settle all fees prior to being allowed to complete registration.  Letters have been sent out to parents who are not in good standing to help clear up these outstanding fees.

As of September 15th, 2021, all players not in good standing and/or who have missed a payment on their payment plans will be taken off the ice by the SPWHL (not allowed to participate in the draft).

Registration opens on July 6th, 2021 and it is recommended you register early!  Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and it may be necessary to limit player and goaltender registration numbers.  Many of our age groups fill quickly; we suggest that you register as soon as possible to avoid being placed on a waiting list. The SPWHL cannot guarantee that registered goalies will be the only goaltender on a House League team.

U7 - U9 Tier 1/Tier 2 | U10 - U13 A and HOUSE LEAGUE

Draft practices/games for Tier 1 and 'A' will be held week 1 & 2 of the schedule: Dates and times to be determined. Tier 2 and House League draft practice/games will begin once the tier 1 and 'A' drafts are complete. 

"A" Tryouts

U10 A, U11 A & U13 (2009, 2010) A - Tryout Fee $35. No try-out fee for U9 and below.  

For players registering with the SPWHL: To sign up for A-tryouts you must click A-Tryout option on the Fees section during the registration process.

For out of town players wishing to tryout: The Permission to Skate form must be completed and dropped off to the league office by August 1st, 2021. Do not complete the online registration form.  

If your child chooses to tryout for a Sault Major AA or AAA team there are two options:

1 -
Register with the SPWHL in the proper division now: If your child makes a Sault Major AA or AAA team your registration payment will be refunded. 
2 -
Wait and register after the tryouts: Participants that complete AA/AAA tryouts will not be charged a late fee.

Tryout Schedule

*The tryout schedule will be posted online in late August as the dates and times are still to be determined (TBD)*

U7/U8/U9 Tier 1: Week 1 of the schedule - Dates: TBD

U10/U11 A: Week 1 of the schedule - Dates: TBD

U13 (2009, 2010) A: Week 1 of the schedule - Dates: TBD

*If you choose to have your child participate in the tryout please be advised, if the child makes A there will be bump-up fees to cover the cost of extra ice.*


A Bump-Up Fees
Atom A - $200.00 (covers the cost of 20 additional full-ice practices provided by the SPWHL)

Pee Wee A - $100.00 (covers the cost of 10 additional full-ice practice provided by SPWHL)

*The payment deadline for All Bump Up fees will be October 15th, 2021.*

Attention: U5 (2017) Parents and/or New members of the association (members who have NOT played at the Pee Wee before)

Please scan and send the following documentation to [email protected] once you have completed the online registration portion.

  • Proof of residency (picture or scanned copy of your license)
  • Picture or scanned copy of the child’s birth certificate, Status Card, Nexus card or passport

Has your child played organized hockey before but you have a new address this season?

You must complete a residential move form and obtain all the required documentation, this includes moving within Sault Ste Marie.  This form and documentation must be sent to your home organization before your registration will be considered complete and your child able to try-out.  The residential move form can be found at: Residential Move Form.  Please note that if you are moving from another organization there are multiple pieces of information that you will need to obtain for your child to be allowed to play (Hockey Canada policies), we suggest that you start this process immediately to ensure there is no delay in your child being placed on a team.  


If you plan to apply for a subsidy program (Jumpstart, Kidsport, Dream Catcher, First Assist etc.) you must still login and register using the SPWHL online registration system.  You will be required to pay 50% of the total registration per child at the time of registration. To stop payment on the remaining amount you are required to bring or email a copy of your subsidy approval to the Administrator at the SPWHL office. Once payment from the subsidy organization is received you will be reimbursed the balance, up to the 50% paid at registration.  Additional information about particular subsidy programs can be found by clicking the Subsidy tab on the homepage.  

*If your child is trying out for A you will be required to pay the tryout fee of $35.00 which is non-refundable.* 


All SPWHL teams may charge additional fees for practices, tournaments and exhibition games. The team managers will advise of team fees for the hockey season.

All participant members shall pay team fees in full to the team fund by November 30th.  Failure to pay the team fees in full will result with the immediate suspension of the participant until such fees are paid in full.

*The fees listed below are the maximum teams are allowed to collect*

Team Fees


U5 (2017)


U6 (2016)


U7 (2015)


U8 (2014) & U9 (2013)


U10 (2012) & U11 (2011)


U13 (2009, 2010)



Upon written request, reimbursement for registration (less $50 administration fee) shall be granted up to and including the 15th of September.  Upon written request, reimbursement for registration (50% of fees paid) shall be granted, after the 15th of September, prior to the participant's first draft game. Refunds shall not be granted by the Corporation after the participant is drafted and/or after the 30th of September. Administration, Team and Fundraising fees will not be refunded.