Rules (Soo Pee Wee Hockey)





 All tournament games will be governed by the SPWHL, NOHA and Hockey Canada Rules and Regulations.


2.       POINT SYSTEM:

 Game scores shall not exceed a 6 goal difference. If the score is 13-2, it will be recorded as 8-2 in the standings and towards any tie-breaking rules that may occur. Standings shall be decided on the following point system: a. 2 points for a win b. 1 point for a tie c. 0 points for a loss. In the event of a tie, at the conclusion of a round robin series, the team who won in head to head will take the higher position.  If the game was a tie or there were more than 2 teams tied then the team with the greatest number of wins will be given the preference.  *Games denoted by the + sign on the team schedule do not qualify for points. If wins are the same, preference shall be determined by dividing the total number of goals for and against into the total number of goals for, thus deciding the highest goal average. If still tied, the team with the most shut-outs will take the higher position. If still tied, a coin toss will decide who takes the highest position.


3.       TIE BREAKING:

 In a round robin series, games tied at the end of the regulation time will remain tied. In the quarter final, semi- final play and championship games, tie games will be broken by sudden victory overtime.



 Overtime will not be allowed in any round robin games. Only the semi-finals and the final games will be broken by sudden victory. Teams will not change ends.  The teams will start with five (5) skaters and a goaltender (2 minute straight time period). The next period will have four (4) skaters and a goaltender (2 minute straight time period). This will then be followed by 20 minute straight time periods of three (3) skaters and a goaltender until the game ends. Players may change on the fly and penalties will be one (1) minute in length in overtime periods. The clock will stop in overtime only for the calling of a penalty. Teams will play short-handed when three (3), four (4) and five (5) skaters are involved. The first team to score wins.




 All teams shall be ready to start play 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the game. The winning team will be awarded a 1-0 victory. All team officials must report to the tournament office and sign the official game sheet 30 minutes prior to the game start time. If there is a colour conflict with team jerseys, the home team will change colours. Tournament Coordinator can assist in locating jerseys if necessary. All games will be three (3), 10 minute stop time periods. The ice will be cleaned at the end of each game. Coaches and team staff are not allowed on the ice unless an injury occurs, and may only proceed onto the ice when signalled by an Official. Participants are to show good sportsmanship and shake hands after each game. Coaches are to shake hands off ice.


6.       TIME-OUTS:

Each team will be awarded the opportunity for one (1) thirty-second time out per game during regular time. There are no time-outs in overtime.



 Protests shall be filed by team officials at the arena tournament office within 45 minutes after the conclusion of the game. The decision of the Tournament Appeals Committee shall be final. A $25.00 non-refundable cash fee must accompany any appeal.



Only registered participants, team officials, and tournament officials shall be allowed in team dressing rooms. Dressing rooms must be vacated 15 minutes after the conclusion of the game. The team is responsible for leaving the dressing room in the clean condition. Please report any damage or inappropriate conditions to the Rink Official immediately. Inappropriate behaviour by a team should be brought to the Tournament Appeals Committee and may result in that team’s ejection from the tournament. Participants are to remain in their dressing rooms until buzzed by the time keeper.



 Only participants registered with the Tournament Committee prior to the start of the tournament are eligible to participate for their respective teams. No participant suspended in his/her regular league can play in the tournament until his/her suspension is served or lifted by his/her regular league officials. Suspensions given during the tournament will carry over into subsequent play.



 Any team using an ineligible participant during the tournament shall be automatically disqualified. The tournament committee shall take appropriate action as to the fate of the team defeated by a disqualified team, as well as the manner in which the tournament will continue. Any participant whose team has been disqualified, shall not participate in any further competition for the remainder of the tournament.





The alternate goaltender must be ready to play at all times during the game. Only two (2) minutes will be allowed for the goaltender to recover from an injury. After two (2) minutes, he/she will be replaced immediately or the team must go with six (6) skaters until another goaltender can be dressed. Goaltender rotation is governed by your League Rules.



 The SPWHL Tournament Committee and/or the arena management shall not assume responsibility for any injury incurred by any participant or team official participating in the tournament. Any fighting major, checking from behind major with a game, match penalties or gross misconducts will result with the participant being ejected from the tournament. Abusive language on or off the bench will not be tolerated and such offenders will be ejected from the game. This applies to coaching staff, participant and fans. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entries, to make decisions regarding appeals or protests involving any conduct in the tournament and, as such, all decisions shall be final.