Schedule & Results, 2018-2019 Playoffs, 2018-2019 (Soo Pee Wee Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Sunday, March 17, 2019
NO-MI8:00 AMSPW Green Apple Realty 2-8Prouse
NO-MI9:00 AMSPW Soo Police 1-7Rotary
NO-MI-A1:00 PMJR1 RepAire 7-5Fountain Tire
Monday, March 18, 2019
NO-MI-A5:00 PMSPW Cavaliere Welding 0-6Lions Club
NO-MI5:30 PMJR2 Soo Police 6-6Green Apple Realty
A-MI-D16:00 PMSPW AtomC Black 0-4AtomC Red
NO-MI6:30 PMJR2 DK Designs 4-5Prouse
NO-MA-A7:00 PMSPW S & T 1-3Property Masters
A-MI-D18:00 PMSPW AtomC Blue 1-0AtomC Green
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
NO-MI-A5:00 PMSPW Cavaliere Welding 5-3RepAire
NO-MA-A6:00 PMSPW Legion 2-4Sims
A-MI-D17:00 PMSPW AtomC Red 1-1AtomC White
PW-MI-A8:00 PMSPW Red Star 5-8Centre Ice
PW-MA9:30 PMSPW Highland Ford 1-7Sims
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
NO-MI-A5:00 PMSPW Lions Club 2-1Fountain Tire
NO-MA-A6:00 PMSPW S & T 4-4Sims
NO-MA-A7:00 PMSPW Legion 1-3Property Masters
PW-MI-A8:00 PMSPW Centre Ice 3-1Red Star
PW-MA9:30 PMSPW Highland Ford 4-6Northern Chiropractic
Thursday, March 21, 2019
NO-MI5:00 PMSPW DK Designs 4-10Rotary
NO-MA-A6:00 PMSPW Sims 5-1Property Masters
A-MI-D17:00 PMSPW AtomC Tan 2-5AtomC Blue
A-MI-D18:00 PMSPW AtomC Black 3-6AtomC White
PW-MA9:00 PMSPW Northern Chiropractic 2-4Sims
Friday, March 22, 2019
NO-MI-A5:00 PMSPW RepAire 3-7Lions Club
NO-MI-A6:00 PMSPW Cavaliere Welding 3-5Fountain Tire
NO-MA-A7:00 PMSPW Legion 4-4S & T
A-MI-D18:00 PMSPW AtomC Tan 1-3AtomC Green
PW-MI-A9:00 PMSPW Red Star 0-5Centre Ice
Saturday, March 23, 2019
NO-MISemi-Final8:00 AMSPW Green Apple Realty 2-5Prouse
NO-MI-ASemi-Final9:00 AMSPW RepAire 5-4Fountain Tire
PW-MA Semi-Final10:00 AMSPW Highland Ford 2-8Northern Chiropractic
PW-MI-AIf Necessary11:30 AMSPW Centre Ice Red Star
NO-MIFinal1:00 PMSPW Prouse 3-4Rotary
NO-MI-AFinal2:00 PMSPW RepAire 2-4Lions Club
NO-MA-ASemi-Final3:00 PMSPW S & T 0-3Property Masters
AT-MISemi-Final4:00 PMSPW AtomC White 5-3AtomC Red
PW-MI-AIf Necessary4:30 PMJR1 Red Star Centre Ice
PW-MA-A5:00 PMSPW PeeWee Minor Greyhounds AA 0-4McDougall Energy
PW-MI-D16:30 PMSPW Blind River Thunder 3-1Soo Thunder White
PW-MI-D18:00 PMSPW Soo Thunder Grey 0-5Soo Thunder Black
Sunday, March 24, 2019
Novice Maj8:00 AMSPW Floreani, O'Toole & Dool 1-4Team Essentials
Novice Maj9:00 AMSPW North Channel Lightning 0-6Blind River Thunder
A-MI-A10:00 AMSPW Direct Mechanical 2-5Novice Major Greyhounds AA
A-MA11:00 AMSPW North Channel Lightning 0-4Blind River Thunder
A-MA12:00 PMSPW AtomC Red 2-3AtomC Tan
Novice Maj1:00 PMSPW Team Essentials 2-2Service Master
NO-MA-AFinal2:00 PMSPW Property Masters 2-1Sims
AT-MIFinal3:00 PMSPW AtomC White 10-4AtomC Blue
PW-MA Final4:00 PMSPW Northern Chiropractic 6-5Sims
PW-MI-D15:30 PMSPW Soo Thunder Red 1-6Soo Thunder Grey
A-MI-A7:00 PMSPW WHAM 2-2Myers Munchies
A-MA8:00 PMSPW AtomC Green 4-2AtomC Black
PW-MA-A9:00 PMSPW North Channel Lightning 2-6Floreani, O'Toole & Dool
Monday, March 25, 2019
A-MI-A5:00 PMSPW Direct Mechanical 0-1Myers Munchies
A-MA6:00 PMSPW AtomC Red 3-2AtomC Green
A-MA7:00 PMSPW North Channel Lightning 1-3AtomC Tan
A-MA-A8:00 PMSPW Community First 1-1Atom Minor Greyhounds AA
A-MA8:00 PMJR1 AtomC White 2-1AtomC Black
PW-MA-A9:00 PMSPW Wildcats 0-5Floreani, O'Toole & Dool
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Novice Maj5:00 PMSPW McDougall Energy 2-7North Channel Lightning
A-MA6:00 PMSPW North Channel Lightning 1-8AtomC Black
A-MA7:00 PMSPW AtomC White 1-5Blind River Thunder
A-MA-A8:00 PMSPW Soo Sports 1-1Community First
PW-MI-D19:00 PMSPW Soo Thunder Red 4-7Soo Thunder Black
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Novice Maj5:00 PMSPW Floreani, O'Toole & Dool 3-2Service Master
A-MI-A6:00 PMSPW WHAM 1-7Novice Major Greyhounds AA
PW-MI-D17:00 PMSPW Soo Thunder Blue 1-5Soo Thunder White
PW-MA-A8:30 PMSPW Wildcats 1-7McDougall Energy
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Novice Maj5:00 PMSPW McDougall Energy 2-8Blind River Thunder
A-MI-A6:00 PMSPW Myers Munchies 3-3Novice Major Greyhounds AA
A-MA7:00 PMSPW AtomC Red 1-5Blind River Thunder
A-MA-A8:00 PMSPW Soo Sports 0-2Atom Minor Greyhounds AA
Friday, March 29, 2019
A-MI-A5:00 PMSPW WHAM 3-2Direct Mechanical
A-MAOnly counts for team AtomC White6:00 PMSPW AtomC White 5-2AtomC Black
A-MA7:00 PMSPW AtomC Green 1-0AtomC Tan
PW-MI-D18:00 PMSPW Blind River Thunder 4-3Soo Thunder Blue
PW-MA-A9:30 PMSPW PeeWee Minor Greyhounds AA 4-6North Channel Lightning
Saturday, March 30, 2019
NO-MASemi-Final8:00 AMSPW North Channel Lightning 4-3Team Essentials
AT-MI-ASemi-Final9:00 AMSPW WHAM 2-3Myers Munchies
AT-MASemi-Final10:00 AMSPW AtomC Green 2-3AtomC Tan
AT-MA-ASemi-Final11:00 AMSPW Soo Sports 2-1Community First
PW-MISemi-Final12:00 PMSPW Soo Thunder White 2-6Blind River Thunder
PW-MA-ASemi-Final1:30 PMSPW North Channel Lightning 1-7Floreani, O'Toole & Dool
NO-MAFinal3:00 PMSPW North Channel Lightning 0-6Blind River Thunder
AT-MI-AFinal4:00 PMSPW Myers Munchies 0-2Novice Major Greyhounds AA
AT-MAFinal5:00 PMSPW AtomC Tan 1-2Blind River Thunder
AT-MA-AFinal6:00 PMSPW Soo Sports 0-1Atom Minor Greyhounds AA
PW-MIFinal7:00 PMSPW Blind River Thunder 2-3Soo Thunder Black
PW-MA-AFinal8:30 PMSPW Floreani, O'Toole & Dool McDougall Energy
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